The very name viz. Ideal Charitable and Educational Trust suggests that it stands for dual purposes-the expansion of educational opportunities beyond the limits of Pandua where our training institute is situated and serving the humanity. Our trust is always keen on expanding the training institute within our reasonable and permissible might. In the days to come, not very far off from now, our D.El.Ed. Institute goes to be converted into a composite institution containing both D.El.Ed. plus B.Ed. College. Talandu in the district of Hooghly, west Bengal where the composite institution goes to be established will then wear a smiling look and deserve the admiration of all around.

Mahatma Gandhi has said- "THE END OF KNOWLEDGE MUST BE THE BUILDING OF CHARACTER". With this Gandhian maxim in view our trust proceeds to buildup healthy- both physically and mentally learners in the future. Mental nourishment is provided by our trust in all possible ways.

We can never forget the pithy saying of the Bible- "DO GOOD TO THY NEIGHBOUR." Our trust is always guided by humanitarian activities to the poorer sector of society.

Our training institute is administered by our guardian Ideal Charitable and Educational Trust. Let the institute prospers under the able guidance of the trust.